You need new ideas at a reasonable cost


Over the years, we have developed a unique model that combines the creativity of students and the professionalism of experienced consultants.


ShARE students come from top universities, are selected through a strict selection process and are trained with consulting skills.


During a project assignment, our students are coached  by former consultants from tier 1 consulting firms (e.g. BCG, McKinsey,...). The consultants ensure that the students provide rigorous analysis and submit deliverables as per the quality and the time-line requested by our partners.


Uncensored ideas

Our students speak their mind. They don't know yet how to manage office or clients politics. You might be hurt some time, but for sure your thinking is going to be challenged.

Direct insights from 10 countries

Our students are in located in more than 25 cities and 10 countries. If you want to know something about India, you will speak to an Indian student. If you want some inputs from China, you will speak to a Chinese student.

Insights for impact

Our students are trained to produce high-quality analysis and our coaches ensure that our data and insights are robust. Our work has led to big investment decisions and is regularly presented to C-suite executives.

And all this at a reasonable cost

Our model is very lean and our pricing very competitive.


We have worked with world leaders in a wide range of industries, including aeronautics, automobile, energy, electricity, banking and consumer goods. Our partners enjoy the fresh ideas and the professionalism of our students.


We can provide a wide range of insights that involve external data. We don't wok on transformation or change management.

Innovation trends

You want to know who innovates in a new country, what the government does and what consumers are expecting.

Business model

You want to launch a new service and want to test your business model.

Consumer trends

You are launching a new product in a new market. You want to understand what your target consumer base wants and likes.

Market entry

We can size your market, identify the competition, assess the regulatory framework and propose an option to enter the market.

Partner identification

You need an industrial partner to manufacture your product or want to partner with an institute to adapt your product to your local market.

The next big idea

You want to challenge your model and strategy and are looking to find ideas in other industries and other territories.


 Electric public transport opportunities in China 



For a power utility, ShARE had to assess the market of electric public transport in China including bus, tram and boat for a potential entry in the market.


  • Market sizing
  • Interview of business experts
  • Entrance strategy
  • Market segmentation
  • Competition analysis
The future of mobile telecommunications in China



For a power utility, ShARE had to analyze the trends of the telecommunication market in China and how mobile payment technologies will be deployed and used in particular to pay utility bills.


  • Technology mapping  
  • Consumer behavior observation
  • Urban consumer survey
  • Interview of business experts
 Electricity at the bottom of the pyramid in India



For a power utility, ShARE had to assess the market of electric services in India and the opportunities for urban and rural areas.


  • Interview of experts
  • Urban and rural survey
  • Benchmarking
  • Financial modelling
  • Site visit of rural areas
 Aluminium value chain in the Indian automobile industry




For a metallurgic company, ShARE had to asses the potential of aluminium products in the automotive industry in India.


  • Market sizing
  • Interview of business experts
  • Entrance strategy
  • Market segmentation
  • Competition analysis


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