"Doing well and doing good at the same time is possible in ShARE. Our remuneration are highly attractive, the career path is exciting and your energy from Monday to Friday is converted into good"
Sebastien Frendo, ShARE   founder

Project lead

You will manage our consulting engagement, and lead cases. Our cases are mainly go-to-market, strategy, new business models cases. We don't orga, and we don't do PMO. You will travel about 1 week every two months, in place like China, India, Africa, Brazil,...
To apply, you need to have min of 3 years in tier 1 consulting and min of 6 years of working experience. You have to be autonomous, you have to love teaching, because of the dual nature of ShARE, you will also be a coach to the ShARE students.
Your remuneration will be at par with Tier 1 consulting firm.
Current opening: Paris, Amsterdam and Mumbai.


You will manage our consulting team, manage and develop relationship with our corporate partners and lead our thought leadership. You will be at the cross-road of partner in a tier 1 consulting firm and a professor in a top university.
You will be expected to develop an expertise area, and eventually influence world leaders. You will have also a responsibility to continue to develop our leadership programme.
To apply, you need to have min of 8 years in tier 1 consulting and min of 12 years of working experience.
Our remuneration is very good, but not at par with Tier 1 consulting firms more aligned with World Bank senior leaders scales. We think after certain point, to do well and to do good, once needs to be reasonable.
Current opening: Paris, Amsterdam, Mumbai.


Send your motivation letter and your CV to recruitment@share-share.org
We will respond only to the applicants with the right profiles.